HD Dunn & Son Angus Beef


Why Buy HD Dunn & Son Natural Grass-Fed Angus Beef?

Our cattle:

  1. Graze freely on lush high-mountain grass pastures.

  2. Are never given growth hormones or fed antibiotics.

  3. Are treated respectfully, with minimal stress.

Our beef is dry-aged 18-21 days, the old-fashioned way, tender and delicious.

Our family owns and operates the ranch in Teton Valley, Idaho, where our Angus cattle are born and raised. Buying from a local rancher:

  1. Helps sustain the agricultural character of Teton Valley, Idaho, by supporting a small working ranch.

  2. Reduces transportation-related energy use and emissions (not used when food stays local).

  3. You’ll know where your food comes from. Visit us any time!

Our environment. We are proud stewards of our pasture, crop and wetlands, and have a conservation easement on a portion of the ranch.


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We sell grass-fed, pasture-raised, all natural delicious Angus beef in Teton Valley, Idaho.

For more information about our purebred Angus bull program, follow this link to our Angus Website (www.hddunn.com).